tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi

* This application is compatible with both "tivizen nano" and "tivizen iPlug"
This application is a tool to view DVB-T broadcast on your Android tablet and phone. To use this application, you need a "tivizen nano" or “tivizen iPlug” device, which receives DVB-T broadcast signal and transmit it to your Android tablet and phone via Wi-Fi network. With the device connected, you can view the channel list, view TV content, change channels and adjust screen size.

Major feature of tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi application

Watch live TV
  • Watch DVB-T broadcasts
Support EPG
  • Search for the currently available channel list
  • Display the TV guide information
Record live TV
  • Record the broadcast you are currently watching
  • Play a recorded file and manage the file list
Edit channels
  • Delete the channel(s) from the channel list
Various screen view modes
  • Watch in full screen with the corresponding aspect ratio
  • Watch the TV and the channel list together
Landscape/Portrait screen mode
  • Auto-rotate the screen according to the landscape/portrait orientation
  • Support a dedicated UI for the landscape/portrait screen
  • Lock/Unlock the screen auto-rotation function
Volume up/down
  • Adjust the volume while watching TV
Firmware update
  • Update the firmware easily and simply
Real time product status check
  • TV signal strength
  • Battery level and charging status (* only for the tivizen nano)
Auto Power-Off
* only for the tivizen nano
  • Power the product off automatically when it is not being used for certain periods
  • Avoid unnecessary battery consumption

Major feature of tivizen device

DVB-T receiver for Android tablet and phone

- Mobile TV receiver for "tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi" application which receives DVB-T broadcast.
- Watch DVB-T broadcast by installing the application “tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi” on Android tablet and phone.
- Transmits received DVB-T signal via Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g)

Channel information

- Finds the list of DVB-T channels available
- Scan for a list of DVB-T channels available
- EPG Information

Specification of tivizen device

tivizen nano tivizen iPlug
Product type
  • Carry anywhere and anytime portable Wi-Fi mobile TV tuner.
  • Removable rechargeable battery.
  • For use in the building or home, connect a rooftop aerial to receive a stronger signal.
  • All-in-one wall plug type.
Broadcasting Standard DVB-T
Bandwidth VHF (high 175 - 230MHz)
UHF (470 - 860MHz)
Antenna Rod-type antenna
Full length - 15cm
External antenna
Full length – 14.5cm
Wi-Fi Module IEEE 802.11b/g
Internal antenna
USB USB mini B type port (for recharging tivizen) X
Battery 3.7V 1050mAh
Removable lithium ion battery
Input Voltage DC 5V (supplied through a charging cable) AC 100~240V
Charging Current/Recharging
DC5V 500mA / Approx 180min. X
Dimension 52x92x12mm(WxHxD) 52x82x 67 mm(WxHxD)
Weight Approx 70g (ancillary parts not included) Approx 90g (ancillary parts not included)

Target platform for client application

Product Model
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 / 10.1 / 8.9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note / SII / SIII / Nexus (Android OS 2.3 or higher)
  • Google Nexus 7
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Toshiba Thrive
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Acer Iconia A500
  • Archos 80 G9/101 G9/70b
  • ASUS TF700
OS Android OS 3.1 or higher



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