This is the dedicated application for tivizen ATSC-M/H (“accessory”) which is a mobile TV receiver (ATSC-M/H broadcast).
You need the accessory to receive mobile TV (ATSC-M/H broadcast) and you can watch mobile TV (ATSC-M/H broadcast) on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad with the application and the accessory.

Major feature of tivizen ATSC-M/H application

Channel scan
  • Scan the available channels (ATSC-M/H broadcast)
Record a program
※ To be updated
  • Record the current broadcasting program
  • Play the recording file and manage the file list
  • Check the free space for recording
Support web browser
  • Enable the web browser while watching TV
  • Add/edit a bookmark
※ Applicable only to iPad
Various viewing modes
  • Full screen view fit to the video ratio
  • Full screen view fit to the screen ratio of iPod touch/iPhone/iPad
  • Viewing screen + channel list
  • 1.5 times enlarged screen mode (only for iPad)
Support horizontal/vertical screen rotation
  • Automatic horizontal/vertical screen rotation
  • Dedicated UI to horizontal/vertical screen
  • Screen rotation locking / unlocking
Firmware update
  • Easy and simple to update to the latest firmware version
  • Just follow the instructions on the screen
Information indicator
  • Remaining battery and charging status
  • Mobile TV signal strength
  • Application version
  • Firmware information

Major feature of tivizen ATSC-M/H accessory

Mobile TV (ATSC-M/H broadcast) receiver

Mobile TV receiver for tivizen ATSC-M/H Dongle application which receives ATSC-M/H broadcast.
Watch mobile TV (ATSC-M/H broadcast) by installing the application “tivizen ATSC-M/H Dongle” on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Easy and fast to view mobile TV (ATSC-M/H broadcast)

When the body of the accessory is connected to the iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, the tivizen ATSC-M/H Dongle application will open automatically, and you can view ATSC-M/H programs immediately (tivizen ATSC-M/H Dongle application must be installed.)

Channel information

Finds the list of ATSC-M/H channels available

Specification of tivizen ATSC-M/H accessory

Mobile TV Receiver Module Broadcasting Standard ATSC-M/H
Channel Band VHF (170 - 220MHz)
UHF (470 - 810MHz)
Antenna Strap Antenna
Max. Length: 24cm
USB Port 1×USB Micro-AB (battery charging port)
Battery Enclosed Lithium Polymer Battery (3.7V 250mAh)
Input Voltage DC 5V (via USB cable)
Dimensions 30x50.6x12mm (WxHxD) (inc. protrusion, exc. antenna)
Weight Approx. 20g (exc. accessories)

Target platform for client application

Product Model & OS iPod touch 4G, iPhone 4, iPad2, iPad (iOS 4.x or higher)
iPod touch 3G, iPhone 3GS (iOS 5.x or higher)



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